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 Japanese Used Car Exporter & Auction Agent
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 Company Profile
Welcome to COMATSU TRADING CO., LTD - Japanese Used Car Exporter & Used Car Auction Agent
We buy Used Sedan, Wagon, Coupe, 4WD, Van, Hatchback, and other from all over Japan for you.
We are experienced exporting company and a member of used car auction houses, now we would like to help your car business with our knowledge and Japanese Used Car Auction System. We will buy used cars from Auction houses for you.
If you are thinking of importing high quality used cars, it is the best way to buy from used car market in Japan. Japanese makers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, and Isuzu are known to the world with their high quality vehicles. Thousands of used cars are sold and bought at the Auto Auctions every week throughout Japan.
Japanese car owners have to take government inspection every two years (Brand new cars have to take it at the 3rd year from it's registration). This government inspection rule keeps Japanese used car's condition much better than cars used in foreign countries. However this inspection cost is not very cheap so people tend to buy a brand new car from dealers and sell well-maintained car with low mileage that has been using.
Our experienced Auction agents will make your business easier. If you are interested in importing high quality Japanese used cars, contact us and tell your target car information clearly.
Please don't forget to check and study your countries importing regulations before ordering, it is buyer's responsibility. Our experienced auction agent will bids your ideal vehicles at auctions and shipping division will prepare shipping to your nearest port. COMATSU TRADING CO.,LTD is here for you.
COMATSU TRADING CO.,LTD Comatsu Office Building Vehicle Yard
 Company Information
President : Chou Jing Shing
Address : 5-11-1, Mitejima, Nishiyodogawaku, Osaka, Japan
Postal Code : 5550012
Phone : +81-6-6475-9999
Fax : +81-6-6478-1166
Established : 27th October 2000
The Capital : 30 Million Yen
Annual Turnover : 1,600 Million Yen
Number of Employees : 26 People (Not including part time workers)
E-mail : info@comatsu-usedcar.com
Activity : Buying & Exporting Used Machinery: http://www.comatsu.net
: Food Business: http://www.tenn-fuu.jp
: Used Car Export: http://www.comatsu-usedcar.com
 Bank Details
Branch Name : NAMBA BRANCH
Bank Address : 4-4-1, Namba, Chuoku, Osaka, Japan
Account Name : Comatsu Trading Co.,Ltd
Account No. : 470-1844568
Swift Code : MHBKJPJT
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