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 Japanese Used Car Exporter & Auction Agent
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Import Regulations 1. Regulation Check:
 Check your countries importing  regulations.
Membership 2. Register Yourself:
 Register COMATSU TRADING CO., LTD  membership.
Inquiry Form 3. Inquiry:
 Fill in INQUIRY FORM and submit.
Order Confirmation 4. Order Confirmation:
 We will send you e-mail that we receive  your INQUIRY FORM and Fax P/I.
Send a copy 5. Agreement:
 Send back the P/I with your signature.  Arrange (AUCTION ASSISTANCE  DEPOSIT) T/T within 3 days and send a  copy of T/T receipt by FAX. Payments  should normally be made in Japanese yen, but on request  we may consider payment in US dollars subject to an  extra charge for exchange rate fluctuations.
Deposit Amount 6. Notice:
 We will not bid any vehicles until we  confirm deposit in our bank account. As  soon as we confirm the amount, we will  search the vehicle for you then bid at  auctions. When we win the auction, we will inform you car  information then Fax Final P/I.
Final Payment 7. The Final Payment:
 Send back the Final P/I with your  signature. Arrange the balance T/T  within 3 days and send a copy of T/T  receipt by FAX. If you do not pay the  balance in 3 business days, your order will be cancelled  and your deposit will not be refunded.
Shipment 8. Shipment:
 After receiving your payment  confirmation from our bank, we will  arrange the next available shipment; we  will keep you updated on the shipping  schedule information.
Document 9. Document:
 After the ship leaves Japan and we  receive document from our agent, we  will send you the entire importing  document by courier.
Pick your Car 10. Pick up your car:
 The shipping company will contact you  about the arrival date. Please bring all  the importing documents to the custom  and pick up your car. Please do not  forget to arrange a custom clearance agent or a  forwarder yourself.
If you cannot make payment by T/T within 3 days due to banking conditions, please contact us. In that case the transaction will be invalid if payment is not made within 3 days.
The Vehicle will be served for the customer who arranges the payment first. Please understand that there are times when we are not able to serve a car for you even if you have arranged payment, as our stock will be served for customer at confirmation of payment bases. If other customer has reserved a car, we will supply an equivalent car for you.
If your target car is under JPY 100,000 : JPY 50,000
If your target car is over JPY 100,000 : 30% of your target price

Ex) If your target price (FOB) for a Toyota Alphard is from JPY1, 500,000 to JPY2, 700,000
JPY2, 700,000*0.3= JPY810,000
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